The Guys Threw an Incredible Party

I am home from Las Vegas now, but it was really a wild trip. I guess you know all of those guys and I hate to think about how much they must have spent on this party. I understand that they somehow managed to get the record label to pay for a dozen or so blonde escorts and as many other girls. Of course they know more than a few girls who would be down for this sort of debauchery without getting paid. Officially the label sent me there to make sure that things stayed under control, so I only drank a couple of beers. Everyone else just seemed to be hammered from the time I got there until when I left. I did not refuse when I ended up getting set upon by three of these girls. I realized immediately that it was a bribe, but I had no reason to refuse. I was not paying and I have no real girlfriend, besides which I can not really deliver what they wanted me to do for them.

Most of us are really surprised that the band held together this long, all of these guys are stubborn and they all think they should be in charge of everything. They want to get the label to let them do exactly what they want, but they also want to have all of the label’s money for everything. It is a serious issue for them and they seem to be prepared to go to war over it. I would be happy to help them as soon as they show me that they can deliver. Obviously I produce only as much as I need to, if you can make a good disc without me coddling you I just get out of the way and let you.

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