Our Apartment is Nicer Than Our Old House

I knew that we had to find a place to live quickly. Our house was one of the ones that was severely damaged by a local fire, and we were told that we would not be able to move back in. Thankfully, we did not own it, and we did have renter’s insurance for all of our possessions. That did not do a lot for us without a place to live though. I started looking at Stone Oak Apts since we definitely wanted to stay in the same area. I had seen a really nice complex, and that is the one that I wanted to look at first.

I had seen the outside of it nearly every day on my way to work, but I still did not know anything about it. While it looked nice from the outside, I wanted to make sure it looked just as nice on the inside. I was happy to see that they have their own website, and I was able to look at pictures on there. There were a lot of pictures, and I was able to see inside the apartments as well as some of the things that are available for all community members.

I was not too concerned about those amenities for myself, but I knew that my two children would be happy after seeing all that they offer. I knew that my husband would also be happy that there is a garage on the apartment that I liked best. I still wanted to go there in person to look at everything, and we made a family event out of it. I figured that all four of us were going to be living there, so all four of us should have a say in whether we liked it or not. Needless to say, it was a unanimous vote to move there, which we did.

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