Make Your Family’s Safety a Priority

I needed information about a home security system after I moved my family the suburbs about two years ago. It’s funny because before we had our first child, my wife and I lived in the city and never really used a security system. We had a system, but quit turning it on because it wasn’t monitored and had a propensity for going off at random times. Even worse, we usually couldn’t figure out how to turn it off so it would blare and blare forever before we could get it turned off. The neighbors certainly didn’t appreciate that!

I figured security systems were a thing of the past once we moved into our home. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Even though we live in a very nice area, the neighborhood has been targeted by burglars on more than one occasion. I think it’s sort of a hidden secret that actually moving to the suburbs in a nice area makes you more of a target than living in the city. Since you have nice things, people want to take them from you. Obviously, I felt the need to protect my family, but my wife refused to entertain the idea of purchasing a firearm.

We went online and found a security company that comes out, installs the system, and then walks you through how it works. Most importantly, this is a monitored security system. That means someone in a security center keeps tabs on your system and notices when it goes off. They can turn it on and off remotely as well. So if the alarm goes off by mistake, they’ll call and check to see if everyone is safe. Needless to say this has been great when a power surge causes the alarm to sound. We all feel much safer with this system in place.

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