I Had No Energy at All

I had a lot going wrong with me. I was slowly gaining weight, I had zero energy, and I was struggling to lose even a few pounds. I wanted to, but the lack of energy was really hurting my ability to do that. I had my first bit of hope restored when I started taking a thyroid health supplement a few months ago. I started taking it at the recommendation of a good friend who told me how it has changed her life. She did not need to lose quite as much weight as me, but seeing even the little she lost gave me hope that I could do it too.

She told me exactly what she took, and she told me why she feels it is the one thing that changed everything for her. She stayed pretty busy, but she was always hungry and ate the wrong foods. Even with that, she should not have gained even the 20 pounds she did with how active she is. She started taking Thyromine though, and she could tell a difference almost immediately. Within a few days, she was feeling energetic more so than usual, and it did not take her long at all to lose the weight once she started taking the Thyromine supplements.

I started taking them later that week. I would have started that day, but I had to order them first. I noticed my energy level changing within a few days, and that is when I knew I had made the right choice. Every day, I felt better, and I was able to be more active. I am just so happy that this has helped me like this because it has helped me to lose the extra weight I never thought would leave me. I look better, but I am happier that I feel better now too.

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