I Decided That My Secret Plan of Starting Fresh Was Important for My Mental Health

Curious about the apartments in Goodlettsville TN and the surrounding area, I took a look at some websites that would help me learn more about pricing and the types of places that are there. I found some places that interested me right away, so I began to make some calls. I wanted a new start in life, and I figured this would be a good city to start in. I had been there to visit once when I was a kid with my family and remember loving that trip. That is the reason that I made the choice to look there first. I figured that if I wanted to move at some later point, I could. But at that moment in time, I just wanted to a place where I could settle in quickly.

I had been living with someone for five years. He was not really a good person for me to be around. The relationship started off pretty well, and after just six months, we decided to remain exclusive and move in with one another. Soon after I moved in, he changed. Actually, I should say that he had probably been different long before we moved in together, but he had simply been hiding his true personality from me until that point. He suddenly became so controlling that I found myself crying every night. He wanted to control what we wanted on TV, what we had for our meals, where we went and who I was allowed to see. It made me really sad, and he had no interest in backing off.

After two years of living in such stifling conditions, I decided to make a break and leave. I did not want him to know ahead of time, so I looked for nice places to live in Goodlettsville without telling him about it. Once I found a place there, I simply moved out one day while he was a work. I am happy here and I think I’m going to stay permanently.

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