Helped Me Play Catch Up

I used the Forge of Empires diamond cheat I found online only with some reluctance because while I like to play my online games, I don’t like the idea of cutting corners. My problem is that I have bitten off more than I can chew with my games and that means my progress inevitably suffers. I’m often far behind the curve compared to other players, and I often miss the special events or random bonuses some games offer to keep player engaged. It’s largely due to work and family issues, at least for me. I only have a certain amount of time.

I really felt I fell behind with Forge of Empires. First off, I forgot I was playing it and only rediscovered the game about a month ago. My progress, needless to say, has been abysmal. I thought I could devote more time to playing and make up the losses, but that didn’t work. You know how these games are in that it takes forever to make real progress. That’s because they want you to keep pouring your time and energy into the game so they can get more money out of you! Still, I love the game.

But I wanted to boost myself up so I looked online for some cheats. Some games get a bit unhappy with you if you’re going around the rules and adding freebies to get your play up to snuff. I found a hack online that worked well for me, though. I got a bunch of diamonds and was able to use them to get all sorts of good stuff. The funny thing here is that I’m actually more invested in the game now after using the hack because I can get so much stuff that I want to see what happens when I keep playing!

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