Grandma’s Yard is Pretty Again

I was so upset when I went to my grandmother’s house a couple of months ago. I had recently moved into the area, and it was the first time I had been there since she was usually at my house when we visited. I had no idea that her yard had become so overrun in the few years we had been gone. I thought my cousins were helping her to maintain it, but one look showed me that they obviously were not helping. I knew that we needed a Nassau County tree pruning company to come and help with the trees at least, and I felt that my sons and I could take care of the rest.

My boys went out and mowed her grass for her, which took several hours since it was so high. I went out and weeded the flower gardens, and the only thing that was left were the trees that needed to be pruned. They were very tall, but they did not look as majestic as I would have thought. I knew that a good hair cut would get them looking that way again.

I had no idea who to call since I was new to the area again, so I asked my boss since he seems to know everyone. As it turned out, one of his cousins works as an arborist, and he came to give an estimate on what it would cost to prune the trees. I was happy with the information he gave me, and he had them looking great within just a few days. He did such an amazing job that I am going to have him do the trees on my own property, now that I can see how much of a difference a trim can make for a tree. The best part is that Grandma’s yard looks as pretty as ever once again.

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