Excellent off Base Apartment Complex

Moving to work at the Army Aviation Logistics School in Virginia meant we had to look for apartments near Fort Eustis because neither my wife nor myself wanted to live on the base. There is nothing wrong with living on a base, mind you, as many of us did at the beginning of our military careers. I’ve known people who were in for twenty years who loved living on the base. It’s a nice, secure living situation that suits a lot of people just fine. But at the same time you have a lot of rules to follow that you don’t have in the outside world.

So we decided to get an apartment nearby so we could have that freedom. We just needed to find a nice complex that was affordable and close to the base so the commute wouldn’t take too long. My wife also wanted to be near to shopping centers and places for entertainment. We did a lot of research online before settling on a complex that looked fantastic. They also offered the usual apartment living amenities that we knew we would use regularly. We looked forward to visiting and picking out a floor plan that would suit us.

I have to say the visit went off without a hitch. The person showing us around knew all the answers to our questions and seemed very friendly. I noticed that many cars in the parking lot had base stickers on the bumper so that was a definite plus. I won’t be surprised at all to find out a few of my co-workers on the base turn out to be neighbors. We also rode around the area before stopping in and saw plenty of places to eat and shop. We signed a lease right away and can’t wait to move our stuff in.

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