Doing It on My Own

Tax season has always been stressful for me. As a business owner, it was sometimes hard to get all the things I needed for my taxes. Normally, I would have my tax preparer do my taxes for me, but I did not have that option last year. I had to leave because his prices were too high for me and I did not want to spend anymore money than I needed to use. Last year, I decided to try something new. I looked for the best tax software for tax preparers. I felt that it was time for me to do my own taxes and become independent.

At first, my brother used to do my taxes. He was not a professional, but he knew how to do it. I knew since he was my family. I knew that I could trust him to accurately fill out my tax returns. After I started my business, my taxes got complicated. I knew my brother was good at basic taxes, but I knew that these new taxes were too much for him. I knew that I needed professional help.

I decided to look for a professional tax preparer. I wanted one that was trustworthy and honest. I did not want to be audited by the federal government because of foolishness. A lot of the cheapest preparers seemed too good to be true. The more reputable tax preparers were very pricey. Eventually, I found a highly-rated tax preparer named Earl. He was a certified accountant. I knew that I could trust him.

For a couple of years, Earl was perfect until things changed. Earl raised his rated for doing tax returns. He wanted more payment for me because he felt business taxes too much of his time. I finally purchased tax software and did my own taxes. The software was so smooth and easy to use. I finished my taxes in no time.

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