Creative Ideas to Make Christmas Bath Bombs


bath pumps are an excellent choice for a Christmas gift made by hand or medium sausage Stuffer. It is a good idea to make a large batch at the beginning of the Christmas season to have on hand for hostess or last minute gifts office gift exchanges.

there are lots of creative ways to decorate your bath bombs to turn them into very special gifts. Your local craft shop is likely to lead to a variety of SOAP molds with Christmas themes that are a great way of making bath bombs. You can also find many SOAP mold options online.

If you do not want to spend extra money on holiday molds (or you’ve delayed and it is too late to send!), there are plenty of options for smooth round decoration.

brands of butter “icing” wonderful Shea. Soften in a microwave in a small bowl until it has the consistency of cream. If it is too wet let stand a couple of minutes until it thickens back. When the consistency is suitable, wet bath bombs on it about 1/4 the way in just the cups are covered.

you will have a couple of minutes to work until Shea butter hardens, so do 3 or 4 at a time and decorate them. While the shea butter is still soft, sprinkle “Toppings” bath pumps. I like the sugar color that buy to sprinkle on them cookies since les dan a look festive. Other options include grated dried roses, chocolate petals and dry spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg powder.

you can make bath bombs that are size small (1 ΒΌ “) and decorate and package them like truffles. Buy the roles of small candy in his grocery store and a bathroom in each pump and put them in a box of candy for a super cute gift. Just remember to label them as not edible!

there are a lot of options of aromas. Cinnamon vanilla evoke festive feelings and are great to get in the Christmas mood while relaxing at the end of the day.

also note that if you are giving someone on Christmas day, it would be a good idea using a pleasant relaxing scent like Lavender. A nice bath of unwinding to recover from the Christmas season really is a wonderful gift!

here is my favorite recipe of Christmas bath pump. The aroma of gingerbread always puts me in a good mood.

pumps ginger festive

bath ingredients 2 c. baking soda
1 c. citric acid
1 c tapioca starch

2 tablespoons Shea butter, melted cinnamon
15 drops essential oil
15 drops essential ginger
nutmeg oil 8 drops essential oil
8 drops nail

Spray bottle of Witch Hazel essential oil


sift all ingredients together in large glass bowl. Combine the shea butter and essential oils, drizzle over dry mixture and mix with your hands. Spritz with Witch Hazel as necessary to join the mix. Pack in the moulds, pressing firmly.

leave to dry for 24-48 hours before decorating.

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