Contract Employment Has It’s Benefits

I recently accepted yet another two year employment contract to do some IT work in Massachusetts, which led me to look online for luxury apartments for rent in Revere MA. My friends keep hassling me about taking these short term employment contracts, saying it’s not good for my work history and that I need to settle down and set up with a family and kids and the whole nine yards. My parents, especially my poor mother, agree with them. But what I love about this type of work is that I’m very good at it and can command an out-sized salary as well as luxury accommodations if I play my cards right.

Which brings we to Massachusetts and my current living arrangements. When I told my friends that I was living in Massachusetts across the street from a beach, they didn’t believe me. People associate that lifestyle with Florida or warmer climes. But it’s true I got this company to set me up in a very posh living arrangement within a short walk to a public beach. It’s incredible. My apartment is also located close to a pretty active social scene so I can stroll down and chat up people when I’m tired of working out of my apartment.

This gig is so good I almost don’t want it to end. Living in a place this nice, and having your employer pay for it, seems like cheating somehow. When I sent pictures of my pad to my parents, my mother actually said maybe kids can wait for a couple of years. Hilarious. But I have to say looking around that I think she’s right. No one I know is living in such a nice apartment. I need to enjoy the spaciousness and luxury and enjoy it while I can. My next job assignment might not be as nice.

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