Can’t Beat the Price for Gas

Ohio deregulated their natural gas rules and no one is happier about the new gas rates than I am. Well, maybe many other businesses and consumers are as well. By deregulating the process, it allowed competition to enter the arena and competition almost always means lower prices and better service for consumers. Our company requires natural gas to fuel several important processes, so a lower price has many obvious benefits for our bottom line. Also the lower prices mean we can pass on savings to our customers. Everyone benefits.

The best thing about going online to see what prices you can get for natural gas stocks is that you can see who is selling and for what price, and you can see it all in one place. You don’t have to work the phones trying to find sellers and worry about missing a great price because it took too long to get your order in. Online it’s all instant and the process is easy.

One of the big selling points for our company with going over to natural gas is that it reduces our firm’s carbon footprint. And it does it by a large amount, not just a little. This is a big selling point for both our owners as well as our customers. Many of our customers are themselves involved in green energy and conservation efforts, so they appreciate that they are dealing with someone who cares enough about the environment to switch over to natural gas. Having been involved in the process for some time now I can’t ever see us going back to the way things were before. Electricity has its merits, of course, but the coal used to generate said electricity is damaging to the environment and the prices spikes were greater than what we are dealing with now.

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