An Affordable Bungalow Apartment Helps Us Live Our Version of the American Dream

My wife and I have kept ourselves on a tight budget to meet specific goals since we first met. When we were dating we made a plan and a promise to stick to it. Our accountant is a friend who also kind of informally joined our promise. He said he would cast the deciding vote for all our purchase decisions we ask him about since he does our taxes. We wanted out of our apartment building, so we looked at an apartment guide for Jacksonville FL to find a new place. We wanted a nice place that was not in a big building.

The place we were looking at was Pelican Pointe. They have duplex bungalow style apartments. They are just the right size for us, and the rent is less than what we were actually prepared to spend. That is a good thing as we can put the leftover money into our investment portfolio. The goal is to retire as young as possible and be able to keep a home base and travel in an RV. The costs for this lifestyle are pretty stable, except for fuel, as yearly increases can be easily predicted. We are on track for the lifestyle we want.

We do not buy fancy clothes or jewelry. We are jeans and t-shirt people. We bought and paid for our first RV a couple of years ago. We travel about three months out of the year now earning income on the road with our online business. We took the non-traditional route of the American Dream. We do not own a home on a foundation, but we do have one on wheels. For the nine months we are home in Florida, we really like our home at Pelican Pointe. It is incredibly affordable, and our friend and accountant was very surprised at how affordable the rent is. He did not even have to think about voting yes on the lease when he saw it.

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